What is body leasing?

Body leasing is a temporary hire of IT professionals who have a varied knowledge base and level of competence. It’s a solution that improves the management of IT projects and reduces the cost of their implementation. Body Leasing is applicable to a wide range of companies, from large institutions executing in-house IT projects, integrators implementing orders on tight deadlines, to smaller companies. It is one of the tool which is increasingly used for job optimization in IT companies.

About company

We offer services of IT Outsourcing, which successfully support the implementation of important IT projects. Our employees participate in the largest IT projects in which they work as analysts, architects, developers and testers.

To assure the highest quality of provided services, we invest in employee development. All of our employees take part in numerous trainings and their competences are confirmed by  official certificates.


We provide our contractors with top-notch specialists in the form that allows for timely and cost-effective implementation of IT projects. We follow the principles of ethical business. We value: trust, honesty, fair work, and sensitivity to the needs of others

Why B2B Network?

With several years of experience in the market, developing efficient recruitment methods, and using the latest recruitment tools, we are able to deliver a service that is flexible and responsive to your business needs. In our databases we have consultants, with popular and often sought-after competences, as well as unique specializations which are difficult to obtain for the company.

We provide our consultants with training packages in order take full responsibility for the quality of our IT projects. We employ recruiting teams who are exclusively concentrated on bringing the best professionals from the market and are well-versed in the industry.

Benefits for the customer

  • Access to highly qualified staff without recruiting
  • Quick completion of the project team
  • Ensurement of the required resources only for the duration of the project
  • Risk elimination of accidental absences, related to the employment form
  • Fixed labor costs reduction, payment only for results
  • Applicability of the minimum employment policy
  • No recruitment and selection costs
  • Ensure replacement of permanent employees during leave, training or illness
  • The possibility of immediate replacement or selection of further individuals
  • The ability to chose the form of cooperation and settlement of working time
  • Unloading personnel departments
  • Acceptance of employer obligations by B2BNetwork in the scope of: contracts, ZUS, insurance
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