Performance and security tests of WEB applications and network infrastructure with sensitive data.


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Support in the implementation and quality assurance of the vehicle monitoring system

W Wyzwania

As part of the cooperation, the B2Bnetwork team conducted comprehensive performance and security tests of WEB applications, as well as tests of the network infrastructure of the system used by hundreds of users. All included online payments and stored sensitive customer data.

As a result, dozens of vulnerabilities were found, which were offset by implementing patches, using intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms, changing software development policies, and increasing the awareness of its developers.

The subject of the tests was also a solution enabling distance rental of equipment. Due to the priority of the service for the customer, apart from the white-box approach, a test was performed taking into account third-party elements such as GSM network and the strength of cryptographic mechanisms was estimated for various equipment configurations.

O Osiągnięcia

System bottlenecks found.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Preparation and conducting of performance, security and functional tests.

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