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Manual Testing

We verify end-to-end business processes in systems and applications.

The manual testers take on the role of the target user. They try to predict any actions and errors they may make while working with the product.
  • we check the requirements in the early stages of the product's life,
  • we perform complex scenarios to check the simultaneous interaction of all parts of the systems with each other,
  • we disclose software errors.

Build confidence in your brand by removing bugs at an early stage of project life. Let users enjoy a bug-free product.

We do

We do

  • Web application tests
  • Mobile app tests: IOS + Android
  • Cor app tests ? banking applications
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application tests ? online stores
  • Embedded system tests
  • Testing of business processes - ERP, SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft
M Test

Manual test steps


Tests performed before the first line of code is created. They are tasked with finding discrepancies and inaccuracies of documentation with business assumptions and reviewing the mock-ups, whether they cover all possible actions provided for the system.

<b>Integration tests</b>
Integration tests

First tests performed by a tester during project life. They check whether the elements of the system created so far cooperate with each other.

<b>System tests</b>
System tests

The most important and time-consuming tests during the development. They are designed to check that all application modules work together in a test environment and follow all instructions required by the documentation. During system testing, a number of non-functional tests, such as performance, safety and usability, are also performed.

<b>Acceptance Test</b>
Acceptance Test

alpha and beta tests. Tests carried out by the target users in or near the target environment. These are often exploratory tests (performed without previously prepared scenarios), aimed at testing basic system functionalities.

P Manual test

Process of carrying out manual tests


White-box tests. Analysis of requirements, mock-ups and design assumptions and code browsing by programmers.


Unit tests during software development


Create test scenarios in the form of user stories ? examples of application use or specific modules


Carrying out tests taking into account all scenarios created


Report all bugs and application failures for improvement


Implementation of improvements made by developers


Tests confirming the repair of a defect


Re-testing the entire application to exclude the negative impact of the patch on the operation of the application


Alpha and beta tests performed by target users

The models of the cooperation

Customer teams

The service is dedicated to the Customers having project teams. We give you the possibility to provide you quickly with the missing competences.

The teams at the headquarters of the B2Bnetwork

We can use our hardware and software. We implement the system that gives you the chance to make monitoring in a constant way.

The models of the accounting

Fixed - Price

The determined area of the project, the requirements, the time of realization and the price.


The budget of the project depends on the work needed to be carried out.

Time&Material with a limit

We determine the area of activities with a limit on the budget and the time of realization.

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