Tests of PolishAPI project


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C Cel

PolishAPI project tests together with the preparation of automated test scenarios.

W Wyzwania

Deficiencies in documentation, providing support to business testers in API tests, combining frontend and backend tests in one solution.

O Osiągnięcia

Prepared scripts for automatic tests written in the SoapUI tool. The tests were performed on both SOAP and REST webservices. Groovy language and the Selenium WebDriver framework were also used to test the frontend layer. Each automatic test involved passing through several systems, which shows the complexity of the solution.

The automatic testing script has repeatedly detected errors for each new version of the application. Thanks to very accurate assertions, the script detected typos in new software versions.

Another achievement was to provide support to business testers in performing acceptance tests. After preparing the script for manual tests and training in its execution, business testers were able to independently perform acceptance tests and retests.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Prepared scripts for manual and automatic tests for the PolishAPI project along with documentation describing the automat. Reporting test results every code version increase. Training business testers in the use of script for manual tests.

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