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Automation Testing

We automate tests for the most advanced systems of information technology
Automation Testing

Automation Testing

  • we plan the automation of the tests,
  • we choose right tools,
  • we implement proprietary frameworks and tools supporting processes of the automation of the tests,
  • we build and maintain the environments of the automation,
  • we build and implement tools to generate test data

The automation of the tests helps to reduce the time of testing and time necessary to introduce the product to the market, enlarging the area of testing, bringing significant savings over the long term. A clear strategy of automation and the vision of development of the product vision are the key to ensure the adequate return on investment in automated tests.

Different application architecture?

Many environments?

Integration with other companies?

Many user devices?


Our recipe: a standardized and consistent approach to automation
How do we work when designing an automation strategy in line with the company’s goals?

  • We carry out a detailed tool assessment,
  • We recommend optimization depending on your needs and budget.
  • We eliminate restrictions thanks to proprietary solutions integrating various applications,
  • We use proven tools that increase:
    • speed of creating next editions,
    • test coverage,
    • the number of problems detected before production deployment occurs.
Our dedicated test automation engineers use their experience in automating both the user interface and the API, using proven tools that increase:

  • ensuring high suitability for reuse,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • lower initial costs.
a Automation Testing

Sample process of automation project



  • Evaluation of the current quality control process.
  • Review of existing IT infrastructure.
  • Planning an automation project and creating an SLA.


  • The transfer of knowledge,
  • Working out the definition of the strategy and the process of the automation.
  • Support in optimizing the QA process to integrate it with the automation of the tests.
  • The transfer of responsibility and the creation of the appropriate team.


  • The preparation of the environment of the test.
  • The creation of scripts and test data (we can work in the absence of software documentation and conduct the exploration of requirements).
  • The reporting of progress.

The development of the service

  • further increase of the level of test automation in areas where appropriate,
  • Cooperation with a team of programmers to determine the risk in a better way (risk of error, business risk in specific areas, e.g. banking, healthcare),
  • Collecting feedback from management and developers to improve description of defects, test coverage, level of detail,
  • Optimization of the CI/CD process in cooperation with DevOps teams,
  • Training and forwarding of solutions of automated testing.

The models of the cooperation

Customer teams

The service is dedicated to the Customers having project teams. We give you the possibility to provide you quickly with the missing competences.

The teams at the headquarters of the B2Bnetwork

We can use our hardware and software. We implement the system that gives you the chance to make monitoring in a constant way.

The models of the accounting

Fixed - Price

The determined area of the project, the requirements, the time of realization and the price.


The budget of the project depends on the work needed to be carried out.

Time&Material with a limit

We determine the area of activities with a limit on the budget and the time of realization.

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