A comprehensive process of test automation and use of the proprietary framework


Brokerage house



C Goal

Developing an approach to automation and implementing a proprietary framework to support the automated testing process.

C Challenges

Developing an approach to test automation and creating several hundred automated tests covering the key functionalities of the brokerage house.

A Achievements

We have developed and implemented an approach to the test automation process from scratch for the Bank’s Brokerage House. We prepared calculations for the implementation of ROI points for the implementation of test automation in the organization. As part of the project covering the main transactional system, we have written automatic scripts that covered functional regression testing. Thanks to this, business people and testers have very quickly information about whether a given product or functionality can be implemented on production environments.

S Services provided

Development of an approach to automation. Creating several hundred automatic tests verifying key functionalities. The training in the area of automation.

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