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QA Consulting

We improve the QA strategy and provide comprehensive support at every stage.
The course and area of consultations

The course and area of consultations

  • Diagnosis A cycle of meetings with the team implementing the project on the client's side. They are designed to learn about the business context, as well as processes, tools and practices currently operating in the organization
  • Planning Developing a solution and modelling the process using the most appropriate methodology and tools
  • Realization Recommendation of the appropriate approach and implementation of the new solution in accordance with the agreed plan.
  • Support Process monitoring, cyclical meetings to solve current problems, as well as to improve and improve the efficiency of the implemented approach.
Profits of QA consultation

Profits of QA consultation

  • Transparent and measurable IT processes
  • Improved software testing strategy
  • Closer and more effective collaboration between QA, programmers and business
  • Configuration and optimization of infrastructure in QA space (environments, tools)
  • Optimization of workload and costs of the software development process

We have done QA Consulting for:

  • French Insurance Company (automatic tests) French Insurance Company (automatic tests)
  • Polish bank (automatic tests) Polish bank (automatic tests)
  • Global design office (performance tests) - UK Global design office (performance tests) - UK

For the Customer, we carried out the analysis of applications and processes in the environment of the customer, on this basis we prepared and realized the strategy of the automation of functional tests with using of the tool TestComplete. As a part of the project, teams involved in the automation of the tests for several weeks were trained by our expert to conduct the project independently and to learn about the best practices in the area of the automation of the tests.

As a part of consulting for the customer, we developed the methodology for the approach of automation of the tests, implemented the tool, and developed a framework for testing (supplying test data, script management and reporting system) with using Selenium WebDriver.

For the customer, we provided consulting services in the area of support in solving the performance problem connected with the client-server communication solution as well as launching and performing performance tests. Our experts prepared their own tool that supported the communication process of the system layers and thanks to that it was possible to run tests.


Our advantages


Individual approach

For each of the implemented projects, we individually select a specialist qualified in the field of appropriate technology.


Current knowledge

We make sure that our experts constantly develop and update their skills.



We adjust the entire project to the needs and expectations of our customers.

The models of the cooperation

Customer teams

The service is dedicated to the Customers having project teams. We give you the possibility to provide you quickly with the missing competences.

The teams at the headquarters of the B2Bnetwork

We can use our hardware and software. We implement the system that gives you the chance to make monitoring in a constant way.

The models of the accounting

Fixed - Price

The determined area of the project, the requirements, the time of realization and the price.


The budget of the project depends on the work needed to be carried out.

Time&Material with a limit

We determine the area of activities with a limit on the budget and the time of realization.

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