Holistic analysis of banking in terms of efficiency


The Polish Bank


Polish bank

C Goal

Comprehensive banking performance analysis.

W Challenges

Building a model of performance tests connecting both internet banking and other bank systems. Performing a set of tests verifying the performance of the test environment and scaling it against production. Analysis of application logs. Creating scripts generating extensive test data on different environments. Mobile application tests.

O Achievements

No failures in the production environment due to performance problems since regular testing began. Verification of application performance during corporate customer migration process. Periodic performance, overload and long-term load testing set-ups allowed to detect application bottlenecks and often resulted in suspension of implementation of inefficient application version. Verification of the system’s ability to activate customers on a massive scale.

One of the tasks was to extend the scripts monitoring the availability of Internet banking on the production environment. During the verification of temporary unavailability of the system, by analyzing the logs, it was possible to identify the deficiencies in the configuration of the environment, causing errors in system operation.

S Services provided

Building a performance test model based on detailed analysis of production logs. Preparation of a set of scripts in the JMeter tool to verify the performance of two independent internet banks and a digital market. Creation of a universal test data generator, using the bank’s services directly, which allows to quickly and reliably add large amounts of data on any test environment.

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