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Outsourcing of IT Personnel

IT outsourcing is an effective management strategy.

IT outsourcing is an effective management strategy.

It works best:
  • small and medium-sized enterprises, as it allows for optimisation of the costs associated with the construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • corporations, as it allows for speeding up design work, responding quickly to current needs and reducing the cost of employment
The unique benefits of IT outsourcing at B2Bnetwork:

The unique benefits of IT outsourcing at B2Bnetwork:

  • in 24 hours, we find the perfect candidate,
  • we reduce employment costs,
  • we take on the risks and consequences of the employment of the employee,
  • we provide training packages for employees so that we can take full responsibility for the quality of your IT projects.

What does the cooperation process look like?


Let's get to know each other

During the meeting, we determine your expectations and objectives of cooperation.


Send demand

The demand can be sent via the contact form or by e-mail office@b2bnetwork.pl



The most important stages of recruitment are

  • sourcing
  • preliminary selection of CV
  • interview
  • technical verification

Meet our candidates

You can additionally verify each of our candidates remotely or in person at your or our headquarters


Choose the best employee / best team

In addition, we guarantee:

  • no risk of random absences
  • ensuring continuity of work
  • flexible form of cooperation and accounting of working time
  • acquisition of the employer's obligations by B2BNetwork in the areas of contracts, ZUS, insurance

Sign an agreement with B2B.net S.A.

Each consultant working at the Client's premises or B2Bnetwork receives additional benefits such as:

  • medical package
  • sports package
  • relocation
  • training
  • integration events, festivities and birthday events

Collaborative models

Customer teams

A service dedicated to customers with project teams. We provide quick support with missing competences.

Teams at B2Bnetwork

We can use our hardware and software. We implement a system that allows you a continuous monitoring

Billing models

Fixed - Price

Specific scope of the project, requirements, lead time and price.


The project budget depends on the work needed to be done.

Time&Material with a limit

We determine the scope of work with a budget limit and lead time.

See if we can help you with software tests.

Make an appointment for a short, several-minute conversation, during which we will jointly check whether cooperation with us will bring changes for your project.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us!

Artur Twardowski Business Development Manager +48 795 022 922