How we hired over 50 IT specialists for the Bank in 2 weeks during the holiday season?




International bank



C Goal

  1. Technical and business analysis of IT profiles for employment at the Bank
  2. Preparation of the list of IT specialists for the Bank’s needs
  3. Conducting internal trainings (business and technical) of the T24 system and Banking architecture
  4. Preparation of the relocation process and renting apartments locally in Cracow
  5. Launching the interview process
  6. Helping consultants in relocation to the new apartments
  7. Project start and on-boarding of specialists

W Challenges

  1. Only two weeks to recruit a large number of IT specialists
  2. Lack of appropriate specialists in the local Cracow market
  3. Preparation and conducting dedicated trainings for the Bank (processes and tools)

O Achievements

  1. Employment of 50+ IT specialists at the Bank during 2 weeks during the holiday season
  2. The employed specialists were trained in the required technologies before the start of the project
  3. Preparation and conducting numerous trainings for the Bank’s employees as part of the IT outsourcing project

S Services provided

Integration of Bank BGZ with BNP Paribas

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