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Performance Testing

It is clear that efficiency, availability and speed of operation have a huge impact on business.

Comprehensive range of tests verifying application behavior when working with multiple users.
  • study of response times
  • detection of the so-called "bottlenecks"
  • Review:
    - problems with resource sharing
    - system capacities
    - system behaviour depending on user location
    - the occurrence of problems during prolonged use

In our approach we focus on the goal, therefore the projects we carry out take into account:
  • creating your own tools,
  • verification of different platform configurations on the client side,
  • verification of processing efficiency depending on the browser used,
  • performance tests taking into account the user interface,
  • analysis of the content and structure of the messages exchanged,
  • distribution of required computing power between the server and the Client.

Ensuring optimal operation of IoT/IIoT devices starts with creating an efficient program.

We perform static code analysis, ensuring security and eliminating unstable behavior of terminal equipment. The APIs used for communication are not easy to verify due to the variety of protocols used and the lack of user interface (e.g. braking systems), so we work with many protocols and physical layers (e.g. GSM).

p Performance test

Steps to implement an exemplary
performance test project

Proof of <b>Concept</b>
Proof of Concept
Test + Environment <b>Scenario</b>
Test + Environment Scenario
<b>Performance</b> Tests
Performance Tests
Interpretation <b>of results</b>
Interpretation of results
<b>Final</b> report
Final report
Post-implementation <b>consultation</b>
Post-implementation consultation
<b>Reference</b> tests
Reference tests

  • Analysis of project features and definition of the approach. The stage includes, among other things, a review of the "technological stack", the way the system is used, its recipients. At this stage, an analysis of the exchanged traffic in terms of structure and content also takes place.
  • Creation of a "Proof of concept" solution confirming the possibility of the project execution.
  • Creation of test scenarios and preparation of the environment.
  • Conducting performance tests and assessing the effectiveness of the application of possible improvements.
  • Describing the interpretation of results in the final report.
  • Post-implementation consultations and reference tests.

Collaborative models

Customer teams

A service dedicated to customers with project teams. We provide quick support with missing competences.

Teams at B2Bnetwork

We can use our hardware and software. We implement a system that allows you a continuous monitoring

Billing models

Fixed - Price

Specific scope of the project, requirements, lead time and price.


The project budget depends on the work needed to be done.

Time&Material with a limit

We determine the scope of work with a budget limit and lead time.

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