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Automotive and industrial technology

C Goal

Preparation of scripts and performance tests of the application, in connection with its implementation in the production environment.

W Challenges

Creating scripts that support customized communication between the application and the server. Working in a tool that does not support the technology in which the application was created.

O Achievements

Developing an approach to decrypt the responses received from the server, as well as to handle and encrypt the requests sent to it. Additionally, asynchronous calls, used on a large scale in the tested application, were implemented.

It is also worth mentioning that the tested application was not created by the client, it was a ready-made product purchased by the client, so the scriptwriters had no support from programmers. The whole complicated logic of the application was recognized by a black box analysis of requests and responses.

Thanks to the above-mentioned procedures it was possible to perform full-scale performance tests and find bottlenecks in the application.

This allowed to repair the indicated problems and tuning the application even before its implementation, which protected the client from potential performance problems in production.

S Services provided

Preparation and execution of performance tests. Identification of bottlenecks in the application.

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