Performance of global application for construction engineering


Global design office


Real estate, construction engineering

C Cel

Verification of the application performance made available to users scattered around the world.

W Wyzwania

Application users located in 23 locations located on several continents. In addition, customer demand included continuous monitoring of “application health” and response performance to requests. The application used by the customer was the work of an external provider that did not provide the credentials of the internal technical user.

O Osiągnięcia

Test results allowed to improve information exchanged between clients and the server. Batch processes have been improved, bottlenecks resulting from sharing server resources have been eliminated, database structure has been optimized. Problems with so-called Content Delivery Network and the negligible impact of the global network in most locations was estimated. The technical user’s password could not be disclosed / cracked due to legal conditions, the solution was to combine a performance and automatic tool that simulated user actions at the GUI level, not at the server query level.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Preparation and conducting of performance and overload tests together with a report containing interpretation of results and recommendations.

As part of the project, a proprietary platform has been created to monitor individual locations and their health, including collecting archival data. The application was available through a website, communicating with individual agents via the Web Service.

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