Performance tests in the integration of banking systems


International Bank



C Cel

Preparation of scripts and conducting performance and overload tests of applications with an increased volume of customers due to the acquisition of another bank.

W Wyzwania

Gathering system requirements, preparing scripts in a very short time, testing simultaneously for many applications.

O Osiągnięcia

As a result of tests, potential problems were detected, the solution of which prevented problems in production. The application has also been tuned.

Collecting requirements for tested systems, verifying dependencies between applications and conducting performance and overload tests of applications. The tests were performed with an increased number of customers resulting from the acquisition of another bank.

As part of the project, we have created several performance scripts for testing key client systems.

The tests detected potential problems and enabled tuning of the application. Thanks to this, there were no performance problems with the applications we tested in the production environment. In addition, we conducted overload tests that checked the behavior of the application in unnatural traffic.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Preparation and conducting of performance and overload tests. Preparation of a report on the performance testing of each application. Preparation of recommendations for improving system performance.

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