Performance tests in banking system integration




International bank

C Goal

Preparation of scripts, performance and application overload tests with increased customer volume due to acquisition of another bank.

W Challenges

Collecting requirements for systems, preparing scripts in a very short time, conducting tests simultaneously for many applications.

O Achievements

As a result of the tests carried out, potential problems were detected, the solution of which prevented problems in production. The application was also tuned.

Collection of requirements for tested systems, verification of dependencies between applications and performance and overload testing of applications. The tests were performed with an increased number of customers resulting from the acquisition of another bank.

As part of the project, we created several scripts for performance tests of the Client’s key systems.

The tests detected potential problems and made it possible to tune applications. As a result, no performance problems with the applications we tested appeared in the production environment. In addition, we conducted overload tests, which checked the behaviour of the application in unnatural traffic.

S Services provided

Preparation and execution of performance and overload tests. Preparation of a performance test report for each application. Preparation of recommendations for improving system performance.

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