API tests enabling comprehensive, easy-to-use regression.


Transfer agent provider



C Cel

Creation of automatic API scripts.

W Wyzwania

Developing an approach to automating API tests that will allow the client to run them without the need for interference or knowledge of automation tools.

O Osiągnięcia

Implementing API tests that allow the client to perform a comprehensive, easy-to-use regression, run using .bat files and configurable from .csv files (created using tools such as Postman and Newman). Each time you run the test, a transparent and graphically refined html report is automatically generated.

Another aspect of the project was the preparation and implementation of a number of generators that provide the possibility of creating various types of contracts for additional customer needs (e.g. for other types of tests in the current project, as well as in future projects based on the same API).

The big advantage of the scripts provided is their flexibility. They were designed in such a way that the bank was able to test the same API for different clients by controlling only input parameters.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Implementation of easy-to-use and maintain API tests. Preparation of data generators.

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