TestFactory implementation and hundreds of automatic scripts


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Implementation of the platform to support automated tests and possibility to write test scripts for key systems

W Wyzwania

Developing an approach to test automation and creating a dedicated proprietary platform to support test automation processes.

O Osiągnięcia

Implement a unified approach to test automation for the entire organization.

Implementation of the platform to support automated testing processes, which has been integrated with testing tools (Selenium, Appium, HP UFT, HP QC, Shell Scripts). The platform has enabled the preparation and launch of several hundred E2E automated tests passing through web, desktop and mobile applications. As part of the project, we’ve additionally created several hundred automated test scripts that support key client systems.

After the implementation of the proprietary TestFactory platform, the time spent on regression testing for key client systems has been reduced several times and we have additionally increased the scope of testing.

The client receives regression testing results in a very short time and additionally the results will appear in the external system.

Thanks to that, business people and testers have very quickly information about whether a given product or functionality can be implemented on production environments.

Z Zapewnione usługi

Implementation and maintenance of the test platform. Support in creating automatic scripts. The training in the area of automation.

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