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SQL language in data analysis

Date to be agreed
Whole Poland
1 day

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Reduced decision-making time by eliminating file sharing with the server
  • Increasing the possibilities of interpretation of the data held
  • Creating reports and statements that are not possible in the classic way
  • Increasing the effectiveness of work related to the creation of reports and statements
  • Enhancing the security of stored data and access control

For whom?

  • Analysts processing large amounts of data, HR, accounting and analysis staff
  • Employees whose task is to collect and process large amounts of data

Benefits for the participant:

  • Ability to use data from the database
  • Creation of advanced reports directly on the server
  • Sharing selected data with colleagues in a file format
T Testimonials


Jarosław Modzelewski,

Support and Test Automation Director,

B2B.net S.A. conducts services with great care and quality. The employees of B2B.net S.A. that were leading the project have demonstrated appropriate knowledge of the technologies used in implementing the system. The production launch of the system was successful and finished on the date agreed by both parties.

Piotr Cywiński,

IT Project Manager,
Raiffeisen Polbank

We cooperate with B2Bnetwork in the body leasing model of specialists in the field of testing and implementation of fixed-price projects. The projects delegated to B2Bnetwork are carried out professionally with great care and maintaining high quality standards. We recommend B2Bnetwork as a solid and reliable supplier.

Agnieszka Szopa-Maziutkiewicz,

IT Director,
BIK Group

In April 2016, B2Bnetwork has successfully implemented and continues to work on the development of the proprietary test factory platform, supporting test automation processes.

Michał Gorczyca,

IT Director,
Cardif BNP Paribas Group

B2Bnetwork has implemented an internal test management tool, provides QA consulting services and delivers specialists in the area of acceptance and system tests in the IT outsourcing model. All tasks carried out by B2Bnetwork are done with great commitment, as required and professionally.

Grzegorz Sudzik,

Project Management Deputy Director,
Brokerage House BOŚ

The projects delegated to B2B.net S.A. have been carried out professionally, with great care and maintaining high quality standards. The following scope of work was conducted:

  • Methodology and approach towards test automation
  • Tool implementation and environment set for test automation (Selenium WebDriver)
  • Methodology for supplying test data
  • Defined range of regression tests covered by test automation

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