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Recruiter Academy

 Are you looking for a new career path, development, interaction with people, and financial stability?

Are you looking for a new career path, development, interaction with people, and financial stability?

The Recruiter Academy is an excellent opportunity to start your adventure in the IT industry, a sector that is immune to all viruses and is rapidly developing. Graduates of the Academy, under the supervision of experienced colleagues, will support recruitment processes, including candidate sourcing through direct search, drafting and publishing recruitment ads, scheduling and conducting recruitment meetings. Ensure maximum knowledge, practice, and satisfaction from your work.

IT Recruiter Academy

IT Recruiter Academy

Do you want to enter the world of IT? If your current job is not satisfying, if you don't know how, where, or don't have the means to retrain – we invite you to participate in training that prepares you for the position of IT Recruiter. The 12th edition of the Recruiter Academy starts on April 15th. The course is completely free and takes place in our office in Warsaw, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 180. All participants who successfully complete the course will be offered employment.

Is this for me?

  • You are interested in the recruitment area,

  • You are characterized by very good work organization and you like social media

  • You have natural creativity and a positive attitude,

  • You have the motivation and readiness to change your current career path



After completing the training part, we move on to the next stage. Graduates of the Recruiter Academy are grouped into teams of up to 5 people and work under the supervision of an experienced IT Recruiter.

The program includes 10 training days during which we will cover topics such as:

  • Project methodologies
  • Roles in teams
  • Technologies and tools in IT
  • Searching for profiles on LinkedIn and other portals
  • Telephone interviews with candidates
  • Job advertisements and direct messages
  • GDPR obligations
  • Analysis of employment forms
  • Polish Deal (Polski Ład)
  • Difficult situations in the recruitment process
  • Recruiter tools




  • Introduction Lecture

    April 15, 2024

    Monday: 10.00 – 17.00


  • 3 Training Days

    April 16-18, 2024

    Hours: 09.00 – 17.00


  • 4 Training Days

    April 19-24, 2024

    Hours: 09.00 - 17.00


  • 2 Training Days

    April 25-26, 2024

    Hours: 10.00 – 17.00

The IT Recruiter Academy consists of 10 training days. The program was designed by long-standing HR practitioners in the IT industry and is tailored to the practical knowledge used in the given position. Academic theories on HR and psychology have been omitted. We provide practical knowledge for work and at the same time offer a professional development plan outlined for 24 months.

The academy is primarily aimed at individuals who:

  • Have Professional Experience: We are looking for candidates with a minimum of two years of work experience. Your previous experiences are valuable to us, regardless of the industry.

  • Are Proactive in Solving Problems: Ideal candidates are able to take initiative and effectively solve encountered challenges

  • Approach Tasks Diligently: We are looking for people who are characterized by reliability and precision in performing daily duties

  • Value Independence and Responsibility: If you are someone who values independence at work and understands the importance of responsibility for achieved results, then you are the perfect candidate.

  • Easily Make New Acquaintances: In the recruiter's job, the ability to build relationships and networks is key.

  • Consider Changing Industries: If you are considering changing your career path and are interested in the IT industry and recruitment processes, our training is for you.

  • Are Looking for New Challenges: If your current job does not bring you satisfaction or you lack the means for retraining, our free training opens new opportunities for you.



Upon successful completion of the training and passing the exams, we offer employment at B2B.net S.A. as a JUNIOR IT RECRUITER. This is an ideal proposition for those who want to deepen their skills in sourcing, evaluating, and engaging the best IT talents.


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